Pet Cemetery

Pet Cemetery
Losing a beloved pet can be traumatic and feeling a need to remember and mourn a bereavement is part of the grieving process. There is an area at Islington and Camden Cemetery that is put aside solely for pets to be remembered. We can only bury the bodies of small domestic family pets, such as cats and dogs. However we are able to accommodate the ashes of any pet whose life you wish to celebrate.

There are different burial and memorial options available depending on your needs but we are unable to offer a cremation service for pets.

We offer grave spaces suitable for single interments, each pet must be in a coffin which is supplied by us and comes in two different sizes.

Cremated Remains
If you have had your pet cremated we can inter the remains in a section around the perimeter of the remains area. We can accommodate larger pets (e.g. horses) in this way – our graves are only for domestic pets. There are memorial options available.

Please contact us if you require any more information or advice, staff are always ready to help and will treat the burial of your pet with the same care and sympathy with which they would treat any other.

The Islington and Camden Cemetery Service can offer pet memorial options through Islington’s trading company, iCo Ltd.

Islington Ico

There are a wide range of pet memorials available. Due to their personal nature we recommend meeting with us to discuss your needs. Our trained staff will work with you to develop the tribute you have in mind. Please contact us to discuss further.