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You can now find the burial and cremation records of Hampstead, St Pancras, Islington and Trent Park cemeteries online at Deceased Online. Which you can search yourself for a small fee.

If you wish us to search on your behalf please write to us with as much information as possible. The full name of the deceased, their burial date, last home address if known and enclosing a fee of £16 per deceased person. Record searches will be responded to within 10 working days of receipt. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that a matching record can be obtained. This may be that the burial took place in another cemetery or the information provided is incorrect.
Should this be the case we would be unable to refund the £16 payment.

Please make cheques payable to London Borough of Islington and post to Islington and Camden Cemetery Services, 278 High Road, East Finchley, London N2 9AG


ICCS - Islington and Camden Cemetery Services

War Graves

There are a number of war graves and memorials sited at St Pancras, Islington & Hampstead Cemeteries.

These memorials are dedicated to service personnel who lost their lives during and just after both world wars. They are all maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

For more information on casualties and their places of burial please look at
There are also a number of maps of short walks around the graves of, and memorials to, people who took part in the First World War and were buried here.

Generally they died of wounds received as it was, and still is, policy to bury the fallen as close as possible to where they died. Some of the memorials are family ones but most are the traditional Commonwealth War Grave Commission style of a simple Portland Stone headstone.

download pdf WW1 war graves – walk 1
download pdf WW1 war graves – walk 2
download pdf WW1 war graves – walk 3
download pdf WW1 war graves – walk 4
download pdf WW1 war graves – walk 5