Each section within the cemetery has restrictions as to the items and overall size permitted for memorialisation of a grave.

The Service understands that the burial of loved ones is a very sensitive subject, but the placement of unauthorised memorials or items creates a series of issues including, grass cutting and grounds maintenance as well as health and safety implications for our visitors and staff.

The Service will continue to conduct periodic reviews across all of its sites as part of its ongoing infringement program.

What is an infringement?

An infringement is any form of memorial that does not conform to the regulations for the grave space on which it has been placed. This may be an item that is not permitted such as glass or something that its larger than the dimensions permitted for a memorial.
Further information relating to rules for temporary memorials can be found within our Memorial Policy.

What happens if an infringement is found?

The Service will request that you remove any infringements within a specified time, usually 28 days from the date of the letter.
Any items that are left after this date, will be removed by the Cemetery Service, and will be kept for a further 1 month for collection.
Item collections will need to be appointment only. You can arrange this by emailing

I’m not sure if I have infringing items. How will I know?

The Cemetery Service is conducting surveys throughout all of its sites. Where a grave is found to have infringing items, a letter will be sent to the registered rights holder. The letter will indicate what items are not permitted. It is important to keep your contact details up to date.

What is permitted?

Permitted memorialisation is dependant on the size and type of grave to which you hold the rights. Below is a guide of the maximum permitted memorial dimensions for each grave the Service offers.

The Service may consider variations to the below however this is considered on a case-by-case basis.

The Service also offers memorials via it’s in house company iCo where our trained staff are available to discuss the options available. We are also able to supply and fit any memorial you may consider.

A brochure showing some examples is available for download however we are also able to create bespoke memorials to your requirements.

Islington, St Pancras & Hampstead Cemeteries

Traditional Grave

6’6 x 2’6 Grave – 5’6 High X 2’6 Wide
Kerbs are permitted with a maximum length of 6’6 and minimum thickness of 6″

7’0 x 3’0 Grave – 6’6 High X 3’0 Wide
Kerbs are permitted with a maximum length of 7’0 and minimum thickness of 6″

9’0 x 4’0 Grave – 7’6 High X 4’0 Wide
Kerbs are permitted with a maximum length of 9’0 and minimum thickness of 6″

Lawn Grave

6’6 x 2’6 Grave – 3’0 High X 2’6 Wide
Mini kerbs are permitted with a maximum length of 1’6, width of 2’6 and thickness of 4″

7’0 x 3’0 Grave – 3’6 High X 3’0 Wide
Mini kerbs are permitted with a maximum length of 1’6, width of 2’6 and thickness of 4″

9’0 x 4’0 Grave – 4’6 High X 4’0 Wide
Mini kerbs are permitted with a maximum length of 1’6, width of 2’6 and thickness of 4″

Woodland Burial Area

No stone memorials are permitted within the Woodland Burial Area however, small wooden memorials are welcome and should be placed at the head of the grave.
Maximum dimensions apply as below,

Headstone Style – 3’6 High x 3’0 Wide x 4″ Thick

Marker Style – 1’8 Wide x 1’8 Front to back x 3’6 High

Please note that an appropriate length will be required to ensure stability of the marker once installed.

Trent Park Cemetery (all graves)

Only flat memorial tablets are allowed on any grave space at Trent Park and they must be placed in the middle of the grave.
The maximum permitted dimensions are;

24″ Wide X 18″ Front to Back

Sloping or Wedge style memorial plaques are also permitted and should be no higher than 4″ at their highest point.

Please note

Items made from glass and the planting of trees is not permitted on any grave spaces. Memorials placed, should not exceed the dimensions approved or may be considered an infringement.

I have further questions

You may find answers within our Memorial Policy however, our team are available to answer any questions you may have. Should you require any additional information, please contact us at