Islington and St Pancras Cemetery

Burial options

We have a number of burial options throughout our cemetery sites.

There are a variety of memorials available for personalising the burial option you choose.

For more information please see our Memorials at Islington and St Pancras Cemetery page.

Burial chambers (Vaults)

These are concrete vaults which are used for burial. The chambers are installed underground and each chamber has space for two burials. Burial chambers provide an alternative to traditional graves including a choice of memorial options.


Mausolea are concrete chambers which are used for burial within a purpose built structure above ground. The chambers are installed within this structure and each chamber can accept one burial. Mausolea provide an alternative to traditional below ground burial.

Traditional graves

These are available in varying sizes depending on the location of the grave. A memorial covering the whole grave space can be placed on these areas.

Lawn graves

These graves are situated in the lawn areas where you are allowed to place a headstone with a small garden space of up to 450mm (18”) in front with the rest of the grave covered in turf. Our staff can advise you of the sizes permitted in these areas.

Woodland Burial Area

The woodland burial area offers an alternative to traditional burial and is set in a peaceful and tranquil setting. This provision are for those that wish to be buried within a natural space and kept within its existing environment of established trees, wild grass and open space. There are no stone memorials allowed, however small wooden memorials are welcome.
Our staff will be happy to provide you with advice.

Children’s Memorial Garden

This area has been created as a dedicated children’s garden. Burial spaces are available and the area includes a special section for the scattering of ashes. It is a peaceful, beautifully laid out lawn area that features silver birch trees.

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