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The Islington and Camden Cemetery Service can offer memorial options through Islington Council’s trading company, iCo Ltd.

Islington Ico

Our current fees and charges can be found here,

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There is a wide range of memorial choices available from rose trees to an inscription in the Book of Remembrance. Request a call back using our iCo Memorials contact form.

Rose Trees and Rose Bushes

These are located in our beautiful Garden of Remembrance where ashes are buried loose (not in a container) underneath a standard rose tree or rose bush. Both of these have the option of an initial five or ten year lease, which are renewable.

A Perspex plaque with or without a motif or an aluminium plaque with an inscription of your choice can be placed at the rose. If you wish, you may also have a small stone memorial which our staff can offer advice on. There are also separate areas for scattering ashes, however, no memorials are allowed in these areas.

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Memorial Vase and Tablet

You can lease this attractive memorial for an initial ten year lease which can be renewed. Each vase block is made from natural material quarried and worked to give a lasting base for your memorial tablet. Flowers can be placed in your own personal vase. The tablet is made out of polished granite with space for approximately seventy letters.

Here cremated remains are buried loose (not in a container) in the earth behind the memorial.

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Ash Plots

These plots can accommodate up to four sets of ashes. The memorial is either a miniature headstone or an aluminium plaque provided by ourselves, fixed to the base. They are leased for a period of 30 years. Remains are interred loose or within a bio-degradable urn at these grave spaces and as such will not be recoverable.

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Balustrades are Granite Sanctums where ashes can be placed inside, above ground and include 2 inscription panels that can be inscribed with your choice of wording. These are for two sets of cremated remains, are leased for a period of 30 years and are renewable.

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Mini Graves

These are Black Granite Mini Graves where ashes can be placed underneath a cover tablet and the headstone can be engraved. There is space for two sets of cremated remains using a casket supplied by the cemetery and they are leased for 30 years and are renewable.

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Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is located inside the Crematorium Chapel. Details of the person and a personal message, emblem or quote can be added to the book and you can decide the date you wish to have displayed.

The cost of each inscription is based on the number of lines and is a one off charge. The memorial entries are inscribed by a highly skilled artist. With entries of five or more lines space is available to include a hand painted miniature work of art. The Book of Remembrance allows you to create a unique and personal memorial.

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The Miniature Book of Remembrance

This has a full vinyl binding with a gold blocked Cover designed to resemble the original Book of Remembrance. It is supplied in a protective box.

The original inscription is copied by hand into this book and further entries can be added at any time.

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The Folded Memorial Card

This is printed in colour with the same design as the Book of Remembrance cover and is inscribed by hand with a reproduction of your memorial entry.

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Leather Wall Panels

These recordia panels are in dark blue Levant Morocco Leather with a hand tooled inscription, finished in 23 Carat gold leaf. There is space for 3 lines of inscription with a maximum of 60-70 letters. These are placed on continuous display in the Book of Remembrance Room at the Crematorium Chapel for an initial period of five years which is renewable.

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Jewellery and Keep Sakes

We can offer a choice of keep sakes or jewellery where a token of your loved ones ashes can be placed. Some items can be personalised with an inscription or colour of your choice. Please contact a member of the team who can discuss these options with you.

iCo is the trading name of Islington Limited which is owned by Islington Council.
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